Aladdin - 2001
Director - Chris Law Assistant Producer - Tina Law Musical Director - Daniel Dibdin Stage Manager - Aidan Schulkes Scenic Design - Steve Sutton Lighting Design - Andrew Willis Sound - Aleks de Gromoboy Choreography
Sue Cambridge
Steve Sutton
Sinead Sweeney Special Effects - Marius de Gromoboy Aladdin - Vanessa Cardew
Wishee Washee - Chris Law
Abanazar - Guy Bowles
PC Pong - Phil Hayes
Sergant Ping - Adrian Sandy
Widow Twankey - Andrew Willis
The Emperor - Terry Saunders
Princess Balroubador - Cindy Lodge
Baxter - Baxter T. Monkey
Slave of the Ring / Chorus - Sue Cambridge
Genie of the Lamp / Chorus - Steve Sutton
So Shi / Chorus - Sinead Sweeney
Vizier - Aidan Schulkes The Children Jessica Green
Rosy Harper
Louise Phillimore
Sophie Phillimore
Natasha Platonos
Felicia Willis Musical Director / Keyboards - Daniel Dibdin
Saxophone - Michael Smith
Bass - Colin Carroll
Percussion - Sean Randle Lighting Operator - Nigel Taylor Follow Spot Operators
Christine Schulkes
Colleen Featherstone Sound Design - Aleks de Gromoboy
Sound - Anouska Naran
Wardrobe Supervisor - Tina Law
Stage Crew
Mike Bullen
Matthew Martin
John Martin
Serena Murfitt Scenery Painted and Constructed by Mike Bullen
Matthew Martin
John Martin
Treena Hales
Steve Sutton
Anouska Naran
Ian Jipps
Guy Bowles Front of House Manager - Tina Law Front of House Staff
Jacqui Bailie
James Hinton
Rohan McWilliam
Anne Evans
Pat Wilson
Anne Segall
Emer O'Dywer
Christine Schulkes
James Schulkes
Colleen Featherstone
Amanda Challis
Margaret Sweeney
Helen Whitney Musical Arrangements - Daniel Dibdin Costumes by Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe
Pat Moss and Theatre Costumes of Shoreham
Steve Sutton
Pat Wilson
Tess O'Donoghue
Hilary Moss Special thanks to:- Keith Turton and the Salvation Army for the rehearsal space Peter Kaczmarski for all his help Denise de Gromoboy for Make-up advisory services Katie Keaney Hurricane Press.