Jack and The Beanstalk - 2002
Director - Chris Law Assistant Director - Tina Law Musical Director - Daniel Dibdin Stage Manager - Aidan Schulkes Lighting Director - Bogdan Trylski Sound Anouska Naran Martin Broadfoot Choreography Steve Sutton Sinead Sweeney Jack - Fiona Weir
Simple Simon - Chris Law
Dame Trot - Adrian Sandy
The Giants Henchman - Phil Hayes
The Princess - Emma Sewell
The Court Jester - Nick Phillips
The Fairy - Colleen Featherstone
The King Aidan Schulkes Daisy The Cow / Chorus - Steve Sutton
Chorus - Sinead Sweeney
Daisy The Cow / Chorus - Victoria Lang
Chorus - Lara Smith The Children
Rosy Harper
Louise Phillimore
Eleanor Jepson
Sophie Phillimore
Hannah Jepson
Natasha Platonos Musical Director / Keyboards - Daniel Dibdin
Saxophone - Michael Smith
Bass - Colin Carroll
Percussion - Sean Randle Scenic Design - Steve Sutton Lighting Operator - Nigel Taylor Follow Spot Operators
Michelle Rendle
Natalie Safar Construction - John Sweeney Stage Crew
Mike Bullen
Matthew Martin
Christine Schulkes
Serena Murfitt
David Major
John Martin
Simon Killick Front of House Manager - Tina Law Front of House Staff Spencer Ahluwalia
Jacqui Bailie
Rohan McWilliam
Jill Cook
David MacMurray
Ian Jipps
Christine Schulkes
Serena Murfitt
Amanda Challis
Natalie Safar Childrens Chaperones
Karen Mitchell
Margeruite Jepson Sound Consultant - Aleks de Gromoboy Make Up consultant - Denise de Gromoboy Musical Arrangements - Daniel Dibdin Graphic Design - Steve Rider Wardrobe Supervision - Tina Law Costumes Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe
Pat Moss and Theatre Costumes of Shoreham
Hilary Moss
Pat Wilson
Black Lion Costumes