Dick Whittington 2004
Director - Chris Law Assistant Producer - Tina Law Musical Director - Daniel Dibdin Stage Manager - Andrew Willis Deputy Stage Manager - Mike Bullen Technical Director - Bogdan Trylski Sound
Anouska Naran
Colin Prior
Martin Broadfoot Lighting - Chris Randall Dick Whittington - Donna Fenner
Sarah The Cook - Dave Moore
Idle Jack - Chris Law
Alderman Fitzwarren - Andrew Willis
Sultan of Morocco - Terry Saunders
Queen Rat - Amanda Flemming
Alice Fitzwarren - Elaine McLester
The Fairy - Lara Smith
Tommy the Cat - Felicia Willis
Claire Phillips
Vanessa Page
Naomi Fitzsimmons
Amy Jackson The Children Kate Alexander
Louise Phillimore
Sophie Phillimore
Natasha Platonos
Joanna Vymeris
Anna Wirszycz Musical Director / Keyboards - Daniel Dibdin
Saxophone - Scott Garland Bass - Colin Carroll
Percussion - Sean Randle Chreography
Lucy Doherty
Sandra Plange
Sinead Sweeney
Elaine McLester Stage Crew
Matthew Martin
John Martin
Serena Murfitt
Nigel Taylor Arial Furniture - Steve Rider Scenery Painted
Jacqui Bailie
Amanda Flemming
Elaine McLester
Dave Moore
Toby Moore
Sandra Plange
Andrew Willis
Grinda Willis Front of House Manager - Tina Law Front of House Staff
Jacqui Bailie
Jane Bettles
Amanda Challis
Jill Cook
Ian Jipps
Rohan McWilliam
Serena Murfitt
Jolyon Roberts Childrens Chaperone Karen Platanos Costumes
Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe
Pat Moss and The Pantomime Wardrobe
Tess O'Donoghue
Elaine Ellis