Goldilocks - 2005
Director - Chris Law Assistant Producer - Tina Law Musical Director - Lindsay Bridgewater Stage Manager - Andrew Willis Deputy Stage Manager - Mike Bullen Choreography
Steven Ayres
Elaine McLester
Sinead Sweeney Sound Colin Prior
Martin Broadfoot Lighting Matthew Laskey
Charlie Strangeways Ringmaster - Donna Fenner
Dame Gertude - Dave Moore
Billy - Chris Law
Daddy Bear - Andrew Willis
Erco - Amanda Flemming
Goldilocks - Sue Holborn Silly - Steve Rider Fairy Tinkerbell - Rhiannon Knight Mummy Bear - Hilary Whicker Baby Bear - Anna Wirzycz Chorus Claire Phillips
Laura Phillips Vanessa Page
Zosia Kay
Zosia Lesiecka Amy Jackson The Children
Kate Alexander
Louise Phillimore
Sophie Phillimore
Natasha Platonos
Joanna Vymeris
Anna Wirszycz Musical Director / Keyboards - Lindsay Bridgwater
Reeds - Scott Garland Bass - Colin Carroll
Percussion - Sean Randle Technical Consultant - Bogdan Trylski Special Effects - Andrew Garnett Stage Crew
Andrew Garnett Matthew Martin
John Martin
Serena Murfitt
Nigel Taylor
Martin Verity Scenery by Act One Pantomimes Scene Store
Members of the Company
Dick Cafe and The Scenedoc Front of House Manager - Tina Law Front of House Staff Jacqui Bailie
Lucy Ashiagbor Angie Casey
Jill Cook
Joanne Hemingway Rohan McWilliam
Serena Murfitt
Elaine Tomlinson
Grinda Willis Childrens Chaperones Karen Platanos
Gill Vymeris Sound Effects - Aleks de Gromoboy Musical Arrangements - Lindsay Bridgwater Graphic Design - Steve Rider Wardrobe Supervision - Tina Law Costumes Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe
Pat Moss and The Pantomime Wardrobe
Elaine Ellis