Cinderella - 2008
Fairy Godmother - Amanda Davidson
Buttons - Chris Law
Cinderella - Louise Edwards
Baron Hardup - Andrew Willis
Kim - Dave Moore
Aggie - Theo Theobald
Dandini - Cassi Muskett
Prince Charming - Andrew Rowdon
Fox - Joanna Vymeris
Page - Anna Wirszycz Chorus Sarah Andrews
Jenny King
Martha Jones
Louisa Woods Middle Chorus Kate Alexander
Joanna Vymeris
Anna Wirszycz Children’s Chorus Maya Berger
Sophie Caplan
Alice Davies
Ruby Hutchings
Danielle McCarney-Redford
Hannah Petley Choreography Sarah Andrews
Sinead Sweeney With thanks to Sarah Ellis, Cassi Muskett, Louise Phillimore Stage Crew Roger Andrews
Ian Teasdale Dennis Paddison Scenery by Andrew Garnett
Act One Pantomimes Scene Store
Members of the Company
Chriska Stage Supplies Front of House Manager - Zena Kirk
Front of House Staff
Celia Caplan
Jill Cook
David Smith
Lynne Smith
Grinda Willis Costumes Gill Vymeris
Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe
Pat Moss Dressers Katie Coxon
Zoe Coxon Pony supplied by Ian Lucken’s Pantomime Ponies
Pony’s Groom - Holly Coxon