Jack and The Beanstalk - 2009
Cast The Giant’s Servant - Amanda Davidson The Fairy - Sarah Reeves
The Town Crier - Dave Moore
The Princess - Sophie Massie
The Queen - Danielle Cohen Simple Simon - Chris Law
Jack - Louise Edwards
Dame Trot - Roger Scales Buttercup the cow - Sarah Andrews & Roger Andrews
Giant Blunderbore - Himself Chorus
Sarah Andrews Abigail Bishop
Martha Jones
Courtney Worrell By permission of the Sarah Andrews Dance Academy Children’s Chorus
Alice Davies
Ruby Hutchings
Danielle McCarney-Redford
Hannah Petley Band Musical Director/Keyboards - Matthew Shenton
Reeds - Lucy Benwell Bass - Gareth Covey-Crump
Drums - David Ashcroft
Percussion -Mark Drapeau Production Credits
Sound Crew
Dave Bevan
Roger Prior Stage Crew
David Elford
Steph Bell Follow Spot Operator
Ollie Melton Vocal Harmony Arrangements
Roger Andrews Music Arrangements
Matthew Shenton and Mary McAdam Dame’s Dresser
Katie Coxon Scenery by
Proscenium Front of House Manager
Zena Kirk Front of House Staff
David Smith
Lynne Smith
Kevin Goble
David Reed
Jill Cook
Angie Casie
Sue Prior Costumes
Act Ones Pantomime Wardrobe
Pat Moss
Katie Coxon Marketing
Rhian Desborough Poster Artwork
Steve Rider