Dick Whittington - 2012
The Fairy of the Bells - Cerrie Burnell
King Rat - Grant Coren
Dick Whittington - Sophie Massie
Tommy the cat - Hannah Petley
Idle Jack - Chris Law
Alderman Fitzwarren - Peter Purves
Alice - Jessica Pegram
Sarah the cook - Richard Aucott
The Sultan of Morocco - Dominic Fox
The Vizier - Robin Petley Chorus - Charlotte Carr, Kerri Hicks, Maddie Maynard-Skelton, Laura Stevens
Junior Chorus - Gabrielle Centro, Hannah Marsden, Megan Molyneux, Abigail Roy
Childrens Chorus - Team A: Isaac Barker, Anna Centro, Chloe Nasmyth-Miller, Medeline Roy / Team B: Jessica Allen, Bridey Perryer, Chloe Riddell, Alyson Roberts
All by permission of the Sarah Andrews Dance Academy Written, Produced & Directed by Chris Law
Assisted by Tina Law
Choreography - Sarah Andrews
Musical Director - Steve Parker
Stage Manager - Robin Petley
Lighting Designer - Andrew Garnett
Sound - Colin Prior MD-Keyboards - Steve Parker
Reeds - Ian Killoran
Bass - Gareth Covey-Crump
Drums - Les Arnold
Percussion - Mark Drapeau Sound Crew - Barrie Hawes, Phil Jones, Roger Prior
Stage Crew - Roger Andrews, Ashley Bishop, Peter Edel, Dominic Fox, James Hutt
Special Effects - Steph Bell
Follow Spot Operator - Mick Dolan
Vocal Harmony Arrangements - Roger Andrews
Musical Arrangements - Steve Parker
Scenery by Prosceneium
Costumes - Pat Moss, Richard Aucott, Act One Pantomimes Wardrobe